With more to manage to ensure your health as you age, committed care from a knowledgeable team is vital. And when you choose geriatrics at Dillman Clinic and Lab, that’s exactly what you get. Health issues and medication management require specialized care to ensure long-term health and high quality of life. Double board-certified internal medicine specialist Dr. Megan Dillman, offers compassionate, accessible, evidence-based medical care that focuses on the needs of geriatric patients. She provides advanced diagnostic and chronic disease management services to keep you in good health. Find out more about geriatrics by calling the office in Lakeville, Minnesota, or booking a consultation online today.

Geriatrics Q & A

Geriatrics or geriatric care is health care to serve you in the later seasons of your life. And this is a time when committed care is especially important. After age 65, your likelihood of inpatient hospital stays more than doubles. You’re also more likely to visit the emergency room.

And even if you don’t visit the hospital, you most likely have medication to manage. Recent studies show that nearly nine in 10 older adults take at least one prescription drug.

The team at Dillman Clinic and Lab provides exceptional geriatric care to help you manage your health and quality of life.

Dr. Dillman and her team will tailor your geriatrics services to your wants and needs. The team is passionate about providing the highest quality care for local seniors and their families.

Some of the geriatrics services Dr. Dillman and the team offer include:

  • Cognitive assessments
  • Medication management
  • Functional assessments
  • Advanced care planning
  • Support for family members
  • Vaccinations
  • Chronic health condition treatment

For example, if you’re living with a chronic health condition like osteoarthritis or diabetes, Dr. Dillman works with you to choose the right treatments to manage your condition and improve your quality of life long-term.

And if you’re a family member of a loved one who you think would benefit from geriatric care, don’t hesitate to contact Dillman Clinic and Lab. Dr. Dillman and the team work alongside you, building a relationship with your loved one to help them make the right choices for their health.

Existing medical conditions and age-related deterioration of your muscles and bones can lead to walking difficulties as you get older. These difficulties can increase your risk of falls, especially at home.

In older adults, falls can cause broken bones, especially in the leg and the hip, leading to more serious medical complications. Dr. Dillman can perform a fall risk assessment as a preventive measure to prevent bone breaks and other medical issues.

Medication management is an essential aspect of geriatrics. As you age, you tend to have more complex health care requirements and, consequently, more medications. Dr. Megan Dillman can help streamline your medication regimen, eliminating those that aren’t necessary and making sure that none of your medicines interact with one another.

To discuss specific geriatric health concerns, schedule a consultation by calling Dillman Clinic and Lab or booking online today.

To learn more about geriatric care, call Dillman Clinic and Lab or schedule an appointment online today.


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